We used this nanny cam to watch our puppy when we were at work. Now that shes grown, we dont need it anymore. Its in excellent condition and connects to Wifi to work. You can talk through it on the app and change the direction of the camera. Pickup only, best offer.
I am selling sheep, lambs and goats. I have nannies, billies and wethers available. Pricing starts at $65 and goes up from there. These are perfect for goat tying, meat etc.. Please call or text for more information and pricing. Located in Brighton, co.
Selling 5 Boer and Boer, Kiko Cross goats. We have 2 does, A nanny and two bucks. The nanny is 75 Boer and 25 kiko, she has thrown triplets every year. The black headed buck and the two Multi Colored Does are hers. They all have the triplet gene in them. They come from a 100 registered Boer buck. The kids I believe are 75 Boer, 25 Kiko, and I have their Sires Papers. Very sound and healthy grou...
Selling a small starter Boer goat herd which includes the following2 - 4 year old nannies 2 - 3 year old nannies 1 - 4 year old billy not related to the above nanniesPrice for the above is $1500 roughly 300 each will not separate.Also avail. 3 - yearling boer does $250 eachsold1 - 4yr old Alpine Buck nice temperament $400All of the above goats are cash only. Firm no offers.